Missouri Brewers Need Your Help

The Missouri Small Brewer’s Guild is asking you to please contact your State Senator immediately and ask him or her to vote against Senate Bill 919.

This bill contains some very troubling language being proposed by Anheuser-Busch InBev regarding the provision of branded refrigerated coolers to retail accounts, an expense that small brewers simply cannot afford or compete against. The Missouri Small Brewers Guild believes that it is an attempt to begin limiting craft brewer access to market and ultimately to decrease your options in the marketplace.

The Missouri Small Brewer’s Guild needs your immediate help. Please call your Senator’s office directly or, if this is not possible, please send an email. You can find the contact information by entering your home address on this link:


Please identify yourself by name and say that you are a constituent and in which city or rural area you live. Ask the Senator to pleasevote against Senate Bill 919 because it will limit the ability of Missouri’s craft brewers to get their beer on the shelves of retailers and hence your ability to access beers from Missouri’s small and independent craft brewers. Feel free to talk on about the positive impact of local craft breweries in your community.

It will only take two minutes of your time and your expressing your opinion will be very helpful to our cause.



Jeff Schrag

Mother’s Brewing Co.

President, Missouri Brewer’s Guild

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